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 I guess you could say we're the oddballs of clans. We aren't focused on owning certain servers, we don't say we're the best pvpers in all of AQ Worlds due to our awesome pyromancer and VoT team (:3). We aren't bent on assuring Evil conquers Good once an for all, we aren't a cult of Dage or Nulgath worshippers (though I do say we do like their stuff <3), we're (XD) We are however bent on rocking out, having fun, and having a fun (slightly disorderly at times) experience. We like to stand out from the crowd, to be a little different then the average bent on AQ Worlds domination clan. Everyone is free to pick their own alignment as the clan is neutral, but we're united like a wolf pack and will defend our own.

 About Us

LycanFang was formed in 2010 by a few friends who had left a different clan (not sure if this clan is even still around so they shall remain unmentioned), based on Darkovia zone in AQWs. Shadowcat25 and Thadei co-lead the clan with members Vadermatt, Goku Flame and numerous others.Some have moved on but so far Shadowcat25 and Thadei are still around, with Shadow still leading the guild with the co-leader position replaced by a council. Currently the clan has over 30 active members, a special group of people who are always welcoming to new members.

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AQWs Server Time
Want to join? Come to this website: The site you're on currently is our old website and is only up for archive purposes.